Healing Space

Integrative Healing Space

Healing Space

Immediate Integrative Response to Trauma

What is 'Healing Space'?

Healing Space is an emergency mental health facility that was established during the war in response to the need for care for thousands of traumatized young people at music festivals around the Gaza Strip.
Led by Lia Naor, Ph.D., numerous caregivers volunteered, including psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, psychotherapists, and certified clinical instructors. Within a few days, a new model for initial mental assistance was developed, offering a holistic, integrative, and community-based approach.
The center is located on Ronit Farm in the Sharon region and operates six days a week.

Healing Space

Many experienced abandonment on the seventh of October, they must not be abandoned again.

That’s why we established Merhav Marpe Healing Space  – a safe refuge in the serene embrace of nature.

The Model of Healing Space





Our mission at the Healing Space is to restore a sense of control to individuals coping with trauma. Trauma can create a feeling of powerlessness, and we aim to provide choices and opportunities for individuals to regain a sense of strength.
Upon arrival at our facility, you are empowered to make choices regarding your engagement. Whether it's enjoying a cup of coffee, sitting on the grass, participating in conversation circles, receiving tactile therapy, assisting in the kitchen and cleaning, or having a meaningful conversation with a dedicated caregiver, you have full control over your body and soul as we work together to restore your well-being.


Our treatment approach takes place in an open-air setting, rather than a traditional therapist's clinic. We believe that nature holds the power to reinforce life and growth, and we incorporate activities such as hikes, interactions with animals, and connecting with the natural rhythm as part of our treatment methods.



The survivors have shared traumatic experiences, which they will collectively overcome. Our approach fosters resilience and strength through a communal space instead of individualized treatment. Within this setting, survivors support one another and actively participate in maintaining the space, with each person being assigned a role. We incorporate a spiritual approach to assist in overcoming the profound feelings of guilt experienced by those who have survived such horrors. By engaging in acts of helping others, volunteering, and being part of a community, individuals cultivate a strong sense of value and meaning.


Within our facility, we prioritize creating an atmosphere of warmth, kindness, and love to the best of our abilities. The survivors we work with have endured unimaginable hardships, disrupting the natural equilibrium between good and evil that must be reinstated through supportive foundations and reframing. In their previous circumstances, they lacked the care and assistance they deserved, but now they have us. In their past, every breath felt suffocating, yet here they will encounter fresh and rejuvenating air. Previously, they were stripped of power, but at Healing Space, they will rediscover their strength and find meaning. They are no longer alone; they have become part of a supportive community.